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Bmbu - "platinum blue"

Welcoming "Platinum Blue" by Bmbu, a smooth lo-fi instrumental hip-hop track that's the first installment of a monthly beat series that started in 2019. Each EP in this series promises four tracks, all composed, mixed, and mastered by Bmbu himself, offering a personal touch to every beat. The single to us on first listen gives us a lo-fi backdrop, embellished with the soulful tones of a saxophone, complemented by a thin snare and understated drums that really just relaxes you. It's an ambiance, and more so a vibe that's both chill and subtly sexy, perfect for unwinding or getting lost in your thoughts. Juan Miguel Alsace, known professionally as Bmbu, is the mastermind behind this track. Based in Philadelphia, PA, he's a 16-year veteran in the music scene and a recent signee with Vinyl Digital. Bmbu is no stranger to the art of blending genres, seamlessly weaving together elements of hip-hop, R&B, trap, and various modern electronic styles to create sounds that are distinctly his. With 15 solo projects under his belt, various collaborative beat tapes, and numerous albums produced for artists and musicians worldwide, Bmbu's expertise and versatility shine through in "Platinum Blue." Listen now to see what we mean.


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