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Blame One x Preed One - "SINISTER" prod. by Preed One (cuts by DJ TMB)

Introducing the latest single "Sinister" by Blame One and producer Preed One, featuring the exceptional scratching talents of DJ TMB. Released by Vinyl Hoarders Music, this track is a powerful addition to the realms of Rap, Conscious Hip-Hop, and BoomBap. It resonates with the styles of influential artists like A-Plus, Hieroglyphics, and Freestyle Fellowship. "Sinister" showcases the collaborative chemistry between Panorama City, CA producer Preed One and San Diego emcee Blame One. Over the past few years, this dynamic duo has crafted about 50 songs together, with "Sinister" being the first of many singles to follow. This track stands out for its energetic, moody, and experimental mood, perfectly capturing the essence of both artists' creative vision. The single to us reminds us of big pun with the more so earl 2000's sound, doing well to create a new delivery with the older flow of the genre boom bap. The song features the menacing production of Preed One, creating an ambiance that's both intense and captivating. DJ TMB, hailing from London, adds his razor-sharp cuts to the mix, elevating the track's overall impact and showcasing his incredible scratch skills. Listen below now to see what you think!


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