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Better Off By Amanda Spvde

Amanda Spvde being a Toronto,Canada native has always had the passion for music. Ever since the age of two she’s been singing and performing as well as attending a performing arts school in a high school where she was humanistically trained. She has been making multiple tracks such as “Overwhelmed Master”, “Other Girls” and many more. Her latest single “Better Off” is just one of her many great singles. “Better Off'' is a nice pop track to listen to at home and just vibe out. I love how it’s also such an empowering track explaining a heart break story and pretty much saying i’m “Better Off” without you. The confidence behind this song is spectacular and the vocals are just so crystal clear. The energy this song gives off is heartbroken but yet bold. A pop track like this one is definitely a track you wouldn't want to skip, it expresses the balance of heartbreak but understanding she’s better off without him. If you liked this track as much as I did make sure to check out her tracks.

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Instagram: @aamandamanda


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