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Beton Braut - "I Am The Pyre"

Beton Braut's "I Am The Pyre" marks an important moment for the group as they move more into a more radio-friendly domain while striving to retain their intrinsic raw intensity we think. Released by recordJet, this track melds the worlds of Cyberpunk, Darksynth, and Alternative Rock, generating a landscape that's both energetic and moody.

Fans of 100 gecs, Zheani, and Banshee will likely find something that'll make you think. Beton Braut seems intent on broadening their audience without diluting their essence, a balancing act that's no small feat in the music industry.

"I Am The Pyre" is designed to "slap" but in a slightly less edgy manner compared to their prior work. Despite the band being relatively secretive about their background, their music speaks volumes. The track is an auditory rollercoaster, with the production scaling up from a slow start to a larger-than-life sonic experience. The vocalist mirrors this dynamic, showcasing an impressive range that switches from soft tones to robust loudness seamlessly. Listen below now.


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