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Bennett With An Amazing Single "HeHeHe" (ft. BigBabyGucci)

Introducing Bennett the uprising star from Las Vegas who has now moved to Boulder, Colorado for college. Bennett has always had the passion for music at a young age. Having 52 tracks on Soundcloud, Bennett has been creating music while perfecting his craft. Being able to produce and record his own music, we are able to really get a feel of each track he creates such as perspective's and ideas that he might thought of while creating a particular song. Bennett typically produces towards the Alternative side of Hip-Hop and does a fantastic job of putting all the elements into one. Leading towards his amazing single "HeHeHe" ( ft. BigBabyGucci ) Bennett had created this track on the spot after he made the beat in the studio. His friend had the idea of contacting Gucci for a verse and it worked out. Connecting with BigBabyGucci was awesome for him because, he really became a fan of him this year and he thought that he was a perfect fit for the track. The song starts off with a slow and gentle beat leading onto his soft and capturing vocals. This song has really petty lyrics but its smooth and feels good. It's a blend of alternative, pop, and hiphop that is sort of infectious without seeming cocky. Having the mood of kinda selfish and petty that most could relate to, meaning in the track that it's time to move on and not looking back. Having BigBabyGucci on the track it gave it more of a captivating feel to the track giving the variety of two great artist is what really makes this track fun and outstanding. Go check out Bennett and BigBabyGucci's discography they both have great music that i'm sure you'll enjoy.





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