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Ben Brown With "Socks & Sliders"

Ben Brown is a new artist in our library, an artist from London. Ben Brown combines neosoul, disco, and with synth in his most recent single. The artist seems to be relatively new still but shows a lot of promise. The single consists of soft guitar, nice feeling bass and a pulsating synth. The artist is very reminiscent to John Mayer vocally, but the artist seems brighter than John Mayer apart from his single "New Light". The artist has alot of control of his range, showing us clear falsettos and vibratto, all the while - the video along with it, isn't the most serious. The topic is about feeling free, and then under that is about wearing socks with sliders... Not to be overlooked as a comedic single, this is just another example of creative writing. I thought it was a funny, wacky name but as you listen to the song more you realize how creative and how much of an adventure the artist brings us. He draws influence from Bruno Mars, and other artists like Tom Misch. Listen now.



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