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Bedouin Soundclash - "Shine On" (feat. The Skints)

Introducing Bedouin Soundclash with the latest single "Shine On" (feat. The Skints). Not much is known about the musician we think but we tend to find out more within the single so we feel ultimately grasped. The musician tells us "Co-produced by Jay Malinowski and Colin Stewart, the buoyant and soulful track find the beloved duo digging back into their musical roots including resigning with their old label Dine Alone Records. " The single is something that absolutely makes you feel good we think, the piano proggression is something that just feels fun we think. The vocals as well feel very on the light side and playful, there is just a lot of influence from the late 70s we think within the single and a bit of Todd Rundgren. Listen below for yourself to see exactly what we mean.


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