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Baba Shrimps With Their Groovy Track "Pick up the Phone"

Upcoming trio band Baba Shrimps are three friends have found their common ground in music. For more than ten years, Adrian Kübler (vocals, guitar), Moritz Vontobel (drums), and Luca Burkhalter (keys) have been writing songs and performing on stage, creating Baba Shrimps` unique sound. The bands` triangle conveys Adrian’s love for folk music, Luca’s penchant for electronic music, and Moritz’ passion for rock. These different musical paths lay ground for the artistic road Baba Shrimps has successfully been traveling on. Baba Shrimps have found their very own sound – pop songs that go beyond conventions and defeat reservations and barriers. Heartwarming stories and deeply felt emotions lay the groundwork for the bands` authentic, personal, yet accessible songs. They pick you up and invite you join along their road. Baba Shrimps have decided to let nothing get in their way, let nothing and no one turn them into something they do not want to be. Their musical determination reveals just how connected the members of the band are. You can feel it in every beat, hear it in every chord and every line sung. Following the release of their newest single "Pick up the Phone" they project a very groovy track that will definitely captivate your ears. Beginning the track with an upbeat energy leading onto their loud and luscious vocals they complete the track entirely. To the vocals and production this track will surely take you into a vibrant atmosphere that will certainly get your body moving. Explaining the track further it's about wanting this certain girl and being in her presence, but she seems to not care or avoiding the situation and throughout the track you sense the vibe of wanting to connect with this girl but she doesn't seem to be picking up the phone. The track would be just right for a late night drive or being at the beach just enjoying the water and views. Go stream "Pick up the Phone" and check out their discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.



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