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B0JACK With His Upbeat Track Black Forces (feat. Cash R.O.E)

Introducing upcoming artist B0JACK who projects a very booming sound when you first listen to any of his tracks. While working hard on his craft he has garnered 11 singles and two albums which are surly any of his track would fit for any time or occasion. His music is truly exceptional and anyone can easily vibe to any track he releases. With that being said B0JACK returns with yet again another amazing track "Black Forces" (feat. Cash R.O.E). Starting the track with an upbeat sound leading onto their bold and loud vocals. To the vocals and the production they complete this track entirely. To explain the track further it's about rolling around and being ready for anything in their way, wearing the black forces a different beast rise and they surly go hard. It about just enjoying the moment anywhere you are and being ready for action anytime or anywhere. This track would be perfect for a late night drive or getting ready to go to a party with some friends. This track came to be when Cash was in a session and B0JACK had showed him some unreleased beats ready for someone to hop on. This booming track will surly get you up your feet and just vibe to the track. Go stream "Black Forces" (Feat. Cash R.O.E) and check out their discography which is filled with very upbeat tracks.






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