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BŠĀR - “December”

UK producer BŠĀR has just released his latest single, "December," and it's a festive treat for alt-pop fans. With twinkling synths and lyrics that celebrate the magic of the holiday season, this track is sure to put you in a festive mood.

But "December" is more than just a holiday song. It's also a reflection on the changing seasons and the passing of time. BŠĀR's lyrics talk about "cold nights embraced with a lover," hinting at the deeper, emotional connection that can be found during the winter months. And with references to "bright lights," the song encourages us to embrace the shifting seasons and make the most of each moment, whether we're looking forward to the future or reminiscing over the past.

BŠĀR, also known as Ben Royston, is a multi-instrumentalist and solo artist with a diverse range of influences, including Prince and Jacob Collier. He writes, arranges, and performs every track himself, incorporating elements of multiple genres to create something truly unique. "December" is no exception, with its nu-jazz stylings and upbeat, hyper-pop energy.

Overall, "December" is a must-listen for fans of alt-pop and anyone looking for a little festive cheer. BŠĀR's talent for creating multi-layered, well-arranged tracks is on full display in this single, and it's sure to become a holiday favorite.


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