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Autumn Fruit "Omoigusa"

Autumn Fruit is a new artist on our radar and the first artist we've written about doing their music in another language, Autumn Fruit is everywhere. She may have been the girl sat next to you on the train today. Her songs root out the ambiguity lurking in people's hearts, the sensitivity, the violence and the loneliness. Spot light: I saw her holding a cigarette and saying "I quit smoking. Smoking whilst drinking doesn't count... does it....?" Her latest single "Omoigusa" is very relaxing to the ears and will have you actually wondering what she's saying if you don't quite understand the language, but still it's listenable. On top of that the smooth relaxing lofi beats that seem like it has asian elements within the beat is the cherry on top for the vocalist singing over the classic sounding drum break. Take a listen below!


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