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Austin Sexton - "Girls Like You" (With Alexcis)

Austin Sexton's latest single "Girls Like You" is a catchy and upbeat synthpop track that embodies the atmosphere of the 80s while incorporating modern pop and R&B undertones. The song features a memorable hook and infectious instrumental arrangement that will get you singing along in no time.

Lyrically, "Girls Like You" tells an engaging story of contemporary heartache, showcasing Sexton's ability to craft emotionally resonant lyrics. The song is both happy and chill, with a sexy vibe that is sure to please listeners of all types.

Sexton's retro-based soul and alternative sound are the result of his desire to bring live instrumentation and traditional song structure back to the modern-day music production platform. His influences include Quincy Jones, Rick James, Michael Jackson, Parliament Funkadelic, and Earth, Wind, and Fire, all of which he pays vocal and production homage to while giving it his own signature sound.

In addition to his work as an artist, Sexton is a sought-after producer and songwriter, having worked with several hit 100 artists. He co-produced Kyle's "To The Moon," which was RIAA certified platinum in early 2021, and is a co-owner of Playback LA, a popular studio in the San Fernando Valley.

As a brand ambassador for Gibson and one of Native Instruments' "Artists on the Rise," Sexton is recognized for his prowess with guitars and his unique musical vision. With his upcoming single "Danger Danger" and the release of his 3-song EP "Spike," Sexton is poised to continue making waves in the music industry and cement his position as one of the most exciting up-and-coming artists in the scene today.


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