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Aunt Patsy - "Off With Your Head"

Aunt Patsy's "Off With Your Head" is a jazzy, experimental pop track that explores themes of female empowerment and healing after betrayal. The song features a smokey jazz instrumental that stays loyal to the genre and a thick, warm vocal that delivers the powerful lyrics. The track combines organic and synthetic elements to capture an anxious flight or fight feeling, resulting in a moody, experimental, and chill vibe.

The song was recorded in Long Beach, CA, with the collaboration of talented artists like Carlos Padilla, Jose Alcantar, and Tyler Hunt. Aunt Patsy is an indie pop artist based in LA, originally from New Jersey. She draws inspiration from 60s and 70s music and names Lana Del Rey and Lianne La Havas among her influences. Her alias is a tribute to her grandmother and the lighthearted musical influence of her extended family.

"Off With Your Head" offers a musical manifestation of doing mental gymnastics in adversity, reflecting on the things we tell ourselves to get through grief. The song takes the listener on a journey of emotional turmoil and acceptance, culminating in the ultimate price for the liar and the victim stepping into their power. This moody, experimental, and chill track will be perfect for fans of alt pop and electro pop-jazz fusion.


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