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Archie Baker x Courtney Wilson - “Anyway”

Prepare to be transported back in time to the golden era of soul and funk with the dynamic collaboration between Archie Baker and Courtney Wilson. This electrifying duo is about to take the modern soul music scene by storm with their latest single, Anyway.

Archie Baker, a gifted blues guitarist and soulful vocalist, brings his unparalleled talent to the forefront, promising to captivate audiences with his soul-stirring performance. Drawing inspiration from the classic soul sounds of the '60s and '70s, Anyway exudes an authentic charm that pays homage to the genre's roots. However, this track is far from a mere imitation; it ingeniously weaves modern pop themes into the fabric of traditional soul musicianship.

Backing Archie Baker is his remarkable 9-piece band, known as Archie Baker & The Blue Meanies. The band's lineup boasts a powerhouse three-piece horn section, four soulful vocalists, and a rhythm section that exudes precision and groove. The result is an energetic, epic, and aggressive sonic experience that will leave listeners craving for more.

Fans of artists like Tom Misch, Cory Wong, Sammy Rae & The Friends, and The Dip are in for a treat, as Archie Baker x Courtney Wilson's musical prowess is set to captivate souls and ignite a passion for retro soul and funk. Prepare to be moved by the timeless melodies, infectious rhythms, and powerful vocals of Anyway, a single that showcases the boundless potential of modern soul music. Keep an eye out for its release, and get ready to groove to the electrifying sounds of Archie Baker x Courtney Wilson.


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