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Apollo Mighty x Kennyflowers - "LMSY"

Apollo Mighty is an R&B/Soul artist based out of Chicago in the United States. Originally from Memphis, TN, Apollo is the epitome of pure R&B/Soul vocals, and delivers both classic and new styled R&B songs. Apollo Mighty returns with the first single "LMSY" from his next EP project "Rocket". This special take on a love song has gorgeous vocals and melodies from the Chicago based R&B/Soul singer, and it features the very talented Kennyflowers. Both artists have multiple previous placements on official curated playlists by Spotify and have gained millions of streams. The collaboration stems a new relationship between us and the collaboraters as it put them on our radar and only interests us to dig deeper into their catalogue. The single sounds almost exactly the way the cover art looks. Its luscious, moody and hits you. The instrumental as well immediately grasps you from beggining to end. We hope to hear more very soon.


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