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Apis Rex - “Junk Of Pork”

Apis Rex is a mysterious figure in the world of jazz fusion, with little known about the musician's background or identity. However, their talent is undeniable, as evidenced by their debut single "Junk Of Pork".

This track is a wild ride through a range of musical styles, blending the psychedelic sounds of jazz, rock and funk into a cohesive and infectious whole. The deep groove of the drums and bass provides a solid foundation for the fierce guitar riffs and untamed synths to cut loose and take flight.

But it's not just the musical prowess of Apis Rex that sets this track apart. There's a real sense of playfulness and unpredictability to the song, as if the musician is reveling in the freedom of their own creativity. From the sudden shifts in tempo and rhythm to the unexpected bursts of noise and distortion, "Junk Of Pork" keeps the listener on their toes, never quite sure what's coming next.

Overall, this debut single is a promising glimpse into the unique and imaginative world of Apis Rex. Jazz fusion fans will definitely want to keep an eye out for future releases from this talented and enigmatic musician.


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