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Antigen Shift - “Sugar and Stamps” - Industrial Strength Mix

Musician Antigen Shift has just released a brand new re-imagining of their popular track "Sugar and Stamps," titled the "Industrial Strength Mix." This reimagined version of the song is a raw and powerful reworking that draws on old-school industrial and EBM influences, including Front Line Assembly and Skinny Puppy.

One of the standout features of the "Industrial Strength Mix" of "Sugar and Stamps" is its raw and modern production style. The live drums add a sense of energy and power to the track, while the heavily effected and blistering vocals add a layer of intensity and emotion. The new bassline is equally impressive, with a brutal and driving sound that's sure to get listeners moving.

Overall, the "Industrial Strength Mix" of "Sugar and Stamps" is a powerful and dynamic reimagining of a classic track.


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