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Ant Saunders - "White Noise"

Introducing Ant Saunders' latest single, "White Noise," a raw exploration of emotional vulnerability and loss. Released by Arista Records and produced by Medasin.

The minimalist approach of "White Noise" is its strength, as the sparse rhodes piano arrangement creates ample space for Saunders' soulful vocals to take center stage. The song's emotive resonance comes from a very personal place for Saunders; it was inspired by an unexpected text from his girlfriend announcing their breakup. The timing couldn't have been more uncanny, as Saunders was prepping for a session with Medasin, one of his favorite producers, but had no idea what to write about. The breakup gave him not only inspiration but also a direction for emotional catharsis.

In his own words, the song served as the starting point for his "healing journey," offering him an outlet to be as "raw and vulnerable" as possible. Saunders hopes the track will provide listeners with the same emotional support, reminding them that it's okay to let your feelings out and not bottle them up. Listen below now.


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