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angel envy - "Driving With Our Heads Down"

Angel Envy Release "Driving With Our Heads Down" - An Alternative Rock Track That Deals With Post-Breakup Healing

Philadelphia-based alternative rock band Angel Envy has released their latest single, "Driving With Our Heads Down". The track is a steady moving, moody song dealing with themes of healing post breakup. With waning guitars, huge drums, and a wall of harmonies, the song showcases the band's ability to create a hauntingly beautiful track.

"Driving With Our Heads Down" is a great representation of Angel Envy's style, which blends elements of slowcore and alternative rock. The track has a sad, moody, and dark feel that is reminiscent of other similar artists like The 1975, Interpol, Puma Blue, eden, and Citizen. It's a track that is perfect for those who want to sit and reflect on their emotions.

The lyrics of the song deal with the aftermath of a breakup and the process of healing. The track is about the moments where you feel like everything is falling apart and you have no choice but to keep moving forward. It's about acknowledging the pain and allowing yourself to feel it while also knowing that you will eventually heal.

"Driving With Our Heads Down" is accompanied by a music video that was independently shot, directed, and edited by the band. The video beautifully captures the mood of the song, with its dark and moody visuals.

Overall, "Driving With Our Heads Down" is a powerful track that showcases Angel Envy's ability to create emotionally charged music. It's a song that will resonate with anyone who has experienced heartbreak and is trying to heal. If you're a fan of alternative rock with a moody and haunting feel, this is a track that you definitely shouldn't miss.


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