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Andrì - "Deep Blue"

Introducing Andrì's instrumental masterpiece "Deep Blue," a sonic tribute to the grandeur and beauty of the ocean. This track is a stunning blend of Jazz Fusion and Progressive Rock, echoing the styles of iconic artists like The Alan Parsons Project, Pink Floyd, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, and Larry Carlton. "Deep Blue" captures the essence of the ocean with its deep and abysmal bass, mirroring the depths of the sea. The incessant and repeated rhythms are inspired by the soothing ebb and flow of sea waves, creating a relaxing and mesmerizing ambiance. The guitar in this piece evokes the verse of migratory birds, adding a layer of natural harmony and freedom, while the piano is both dense and rarefied, reminiscent of the sound of the wind. This track is mainly full of chill and romantic moods, creating an atmosphere that is both serene and captivating. The lively jazz elements, combined with the supportive and intricate guitar work, make "Deep Blue" a unique and immersive listening experience. Listen below to see what we mean.


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