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Alice Tambourine Lover With Their Dreamy Single "Forse Non Sei Tu"

Introducing a talented duo known as Alice Tambourine Love consisting of Alice Albertazzi and Gianfranco Romanelli, beginning their collaboration by playing together in ALIX, an Italian psych band that released five albums, including "Good One”, recorded by Steve Albini in 2009. Alice Tambourine Lover was born as a side project of ALIX in 2011 and release five records for the label Go Down Records: "Naked Songs" 2012, "Star Rovers" 2013, "Like A Rose" 2015, "Down Below" 2019 and "Forse Non Sei Tu" 2021. Film directors, Iris Elezi & Thomas Logoreci, choose two of their songs "Hungry Thieves" (Alice Tambourine Lover) and "The Sweet Smelling-Roads" (ALiX), for the soundtrack of the film "Bota Cafè" Between soft atmospheres in the style of Mazzy Star / Cowboy Junkies and gritty flashes like Mark Lanegan, the Bolognese duo creates their own, very personal style that ranges between folk, blues, and psychedelia. Following the release of their single "Forse Non Sei Tu", they project a very soothing sound that will definitely intrigue your ears. Beginning with dreamy instrumentation leading onto Alice's sweet and lively vocals they complete the single entirely. Explaining the track a bit further it's a chewy lullaby by Ligurian songwriter Vittorio Carniglia with their sweet dream-roots language, somewhere between Yo La Tengo and Cranes. To the vocals and production, this single will surely have you swaying your body feeling this nostalgic energy the song presents. It would be just perfect for a late-night drive or alone within your thoughts. Go stream "Forse Non Sei Tu" and check out their discography which is filled with outstanding songs.



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