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Alex Slay With A Soothing Track "Cherry Wine"

Alex Slay is an upcoming artist who is an outstanding sound when you first listen to any of his tracks. He's is a self-taught singer-songwriter, musician, and producer originally from Ocala, Florida.Throughout life, we’re told to pursue our dreams and so many of us limit ourselves to what we believe is easy and attainable, but Alex Slay has gone against the grain.

After realizing that he wasn't meant to be like any other artist or fit in any box he began to develop his own lane and his own interpretation of what his music was. After releasing his debut record “Outlier” Alex pushed the boundaries of R&B and soul music, taking inspiration from some of his favorite artists: Stevie Wonder, Teddy Pendergrass, Allen Stone, and Justin Timberlake. The album contains everything from up beat-funk-gospel-grooves to sultry slow jams.

With his newest release "Cherry Wine' Alex Slay introduces a soulful track that will surely please your ears. Starting the track with a slow and intoxicating beat leading onto his soft and mellow vocals. You can honestly feel the sincerity energy behind this track that i can imagine playing this during a late night drive or just hanging out by the beach in your thoughts. To explain this track further it's about wanting to let go an old relationship, the song represents an inner conflict between himself and moving on, but knowing he's always going to have this feeling of wanting it to be the way it was. What i also enjoy about this track is that it becomes so genuine, everyone has been through times of trying to forget and move forward from your past relationship but something keeps you wanting to go back. It's truly a beautiful track to listen to especially if sometimes you just want to chill out and think about your thoughts and feelings. Go stream "Cherry Wine" and check out his other amazing tracks.



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