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Al Sharp - "Pandemic" (feat. Moe Grease & Crusada)

We just wrote about the musician, but doesn't hurt to share other good songs. Al Sharp, a Bronx native, is a name synonymous with the gritty rhythm of the streets. His latest single, "Pandemic," featuring Moe Grease and Crusada, reverberates with a resonance reminiscent of early 50 Cent and Big Pun. The track is a powerful representation of Gangsta Rap, rooted in the classic Boom Bap style, and is a testament to Sharp's skillful lyricism and raw energy.

"Pandemic" exudes an aggressive, dark, and moody atmosphere, capturing the essence of the streets and the realities they hold. The track's Boom Bap beats provide a strong foundation, while Al Sharp's intense delivery and visceral storytelling paint a vivid picture of the world he knows all too well. Collaborating with Moe Grease and Crusada adds layers to the track, creating a seamless synergy of talents that intensify the overall impact.

Born and raised in The Bronx, Al Sharp's connection to music runs deep within his veins. From a young age, he was drawn to the art form, and his Junior High School days marked the beginning of his journey as a writer. As his talent blossomed, so did his network of like-minded individuals who shared the dream of music stardom. It was during this time that he joined forces with Inf Dot and his longtime friend Fingaz to create the collective known as Reign of Terror. This collaboration was pivotal in shaping the unique sound that Al Sharp would become known for.

Transitioning from artist to producer, Al Sharp established his signature sound through the Reign of Terror platform. His journey took a creative turn when he decided to craft a compilation album entirely produced by himself, allowing listeners to experience his artistry from both sides of the microphone. The album, aptly titled "Strength in Numbers Compilation Vol. 1," garnered significant attention, setting the stage for his subsequent projects.

"Pandemic" isn't just a single; it's a reflection of Al Sharp's life journey. After moving to California, he continued his pursuit of music, releasing the album "Audio Narcotic" in 2018. Drawing on years of experience, collaborations with seasoned veterans, and the fresh energy of the newer generation, Al Sharp poured his heart and soul into his sixth solo album, "The Voice of the Unheard." This album stands as a testament to his evolution as an artist, showcasing the refined skills he honed over time.

In "Pandemic," Al Sharp delivers more than just music – he presents an authentic narrative of the streets, enveloped in the gritty tones of Gangsta Rap's finest traditions. With a career spanning connections, collaborations, and personal growth, Al Sharp's journey has led to this moment – a moment where his voice, sharpened by years of experience, resounds louder than ever before. Listen now.


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