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Ajgod x Honey Gold Jasmine - "Time is Relative" by AjGod featuring Honey Gold Jasmine

Introducing "Time is Relative" by Ajgod featuring Honey Gold Jasmine, a track that redefines the essence of Hip-Hop and Conscious Hip-Hop with a touch of Alternative Hip-Hop. This single, characterized by its unique boom bap style but with a twist of a wet snap instead of a heavy snare, creates a new rhythm that's both familiar and fresh.

The mood of "Time is Relative" is a complex blend of sadness, chill vibes, and a subtle hint of sexiness. It's a song that encapsulates different emotions, making it a versatile listen. Ajgod and Honey Gold Jasmine have created a track that isn't just about the beats; it's a journey through different emotional landscapes. Ajgod brings to the table a jazzy swagger, reminiscent of artists like Robert Glasper and Raphael Saadiq, while Honey Gold Jasmine adds a smoothness that could be likened to the likes of Erykah Badu and Kendrick Lamar. The melody and electrifying bars from both artists pair perfectly with the layered beat, creating a musical experience that's rich and immersive. The song feels like a conversation, with Ajgod and Honey Gold Jasmine trading verses and emotions, each adding their unique flair. The result is a rap song that's not just about the rhythm but also about the message and the mood it conveys. Listen below now and see what we mean.


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