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after school - "AFTERPARTY"

Introducing after school, a creative collective of three latinx-american artists who met in the tech industry & started working on music together in LA late 2020. Through their music, the group explores their shared bi-culural upbringings, their rewarding-yet-confusing present social mobility, and the general anxiety of being a young adult in a world plagued by narcissism. We think that is beautifully put. The single starts off with some elevator music vibes that has you feeling like you're going upstairs to a party that is in a pent house. The single is very reminiscent to Eli Sostre here with the bars being so relaxed yet hard hitting. We can sense the confidence and energy from the group. We think we can hear them at fetivals later this year, its incredible because they have spanish in the single, and they have english. We think the group has an audience for everyone, listen below.


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