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5ON5 - "Don't Dance"

5ON5 is a collaborative music project based in Berlin, Germany, and consisting of four distinctly unique artists who’ve come together to make music that, in their own words, is “a little new, a little naughty, and a bit different.” The quartet itself is a bit different, its members spanning two generations and coming from very different music backgrounds. The single starts off with an ambient rhodes sounding pad that sets the foundation for the single, and then we start hearing the dominant and prominent vocals come in to shine, with the music video it's quite fun to be in tune. Shortly after we hear female vocals stacking on top to give us a very luscious feeling. As we go back to another male vocal the melodies are different, not just the vocal which is why we felt so attached to the single. It's funky, dancy and will have you in a good mood. Listen below.


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