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1HUM - "Straight To The Bag"

Introducing "Straight To The Bag" by 1HUM, a track that masterfully blends the essence of lo-fi hip-hop with the raw energy of rap and the introspective vibe of cloud hop/emo hip-hop. The magic of "Straight To The Bag (STTB)" lies in its perfectly balanced composition. The verses are chill yet complex, drawing you into a world of intricate lyricism and moody beats. These verses weave a narrative that grips your attention, leading you seamlessly into the catchy chorus. And then there's the introduction to the second verse, a moment that's bound to get you out of your seat, grinding along to the rhythm of the song. We think the single really feels like the perfect blend of a chill vibe with an underlying intensity that captures the essence of hustle and grind. The beat is something interesting because it reminds us of JDilla a bit here. Whether you're relaxing at home or in the mood for some introspective thought, this track fits the bill. Listen below now.


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