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TARINI With Her Soothing Track "Do You Wanna Dance"

Introducing upcoming artist Tarini who's has been working on her craft for some time now. She produces an exceptional sound with her first single "Do You Wanna Dance" it's a luscious track that will surly captivate your ears. Starting the track with a slow beat leading onto her soft and sweet vocals she completes this song entirely. To explain what the track is about it's its about the kind of romance where you long so deeply for someone and regardless of how beautiful the actual connection between you and this person is, this said person is always pulling you and the relationship into a negative space and complicating things. its almost a metaphor for like, can we just stop for a second and enjoy this?. It's about forgetting all your problems and negative thoughts and just focus on the present the one thing in front of you. It's a lovely track that captures all Tarini's immense talent and a unique sound that definitely grasp your attention. It would be perfect for a late night drive or just alone in your room deep in your thought's. Go stream "Do You Wanna Dance" and be on the look out for more of Tarini's amazing tracks.



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