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Ian Abel - "You Know I'm Right"

Introducing Ian Abel with his electrifying track "You Know I'm Right," a seductive blend of electro pop, synthpop, and alt pop that's bound to get listeners moving. Channeling the dark, sexy, and aggressive energy reminiscent of Dorian Electra, Depeche Mode, and Fischerspooner, Abel has crafted a playfully trippy dance-pop anthem that captures the essence of desire and knowingness. The song tells the story of a man lost in his pursuits, with Ian Abel's cool, breathy vocals guiding the narrative with a sense of confident allure. The track is underpinned by deceptively complex synths that propel the song towards its addictive choruses, culminating in a sudden ending that leaves you craving more. It's a musical journey that mirrors the cat-and-mouse game of attraction, wrapped in the vibrant energy of queerpop excellence. "You Know I'm Right" stands out not just for its catchy melodies and dynamic production but for its ability to weave a narrative that's both personal and universally relatable. Ian Abel's mastery in blending different elements of pop and electronica results in a track that's not only a banger but also a bold statement of identity and desire. Listen now to see for yourself.


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