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RoeShamBeaux With Their Groovy Track "Emergency"

Introducing upcoming duo RoeShamBeaux consisting of producer Mikey Sol and rapper jaythehomie. Their roots began in Northern Virginia dating back to 2011, upon first meeting in high school, but jaythehomie later moved to the big city of Los Angeles to further the Roe name after the pair scored their first mainstream-level jump shot with the wildly popular "Jetta Whippin”. The song has amassed close to a million plays spread across Soundcloud and Spotify, as well as gaining the attention of several blogs and big-name artists, such as:2DopeBoyz, Elevator, Pigeons and Planes and The Chainsmokers just to name a few. Constantly evolving their sound is a pivotal factor in the duo's success. Recently, the two have hit their stride in creating music catered to old fans as well as new fans alike, combining Mikey's eloquent ear for sound and catching the perfect vibe to blend with jaythehomie’s take-no-prisoners approach to songwriting, with dark wit, introspective lyrics and a fruitful message at the forefront. Following the release of their newest single "Emergency" they project a very upbeat track that will surely captivate your ears. Starting the track with a groovy beat leading onto their smooth and luscious vocals they complete the track entirely. Explaining the track further it's about a heartbreak dance record that might make you want to call your ex, but will definitely make you want to have a boogie. ‘Emergency’ is the first single off Roe’s debut EP, expected to drop in mid February. The project is jam-packed with a mixture of rap bangers, experimental beats, heartbreak tunes and dancy vibes. To the vocals and production this track will surely get you up your feet and just vibe to the music. It would be perfect for a late night drive or just hanging out with some friends. Go stream "Emergency" and check out their discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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