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Pixia With "Pink Sugar"

‘Pink Sugar’ is an ethereal electro-pop track, written and performed by independent upcoming singer-songwriter Pixia. The track buzzes with a harmonious intrigue and sweetness, building gradually into a compelling, striking atmosphere. I believe the vocals of this ‘Pink Sugar’ are what set it apart from other commercial pop and indie-pop tracks, as they achieve both a powerful range and a beautiful sweetness and innocence. Whilst the track is heavily pop centered, it also contains some elements of ambient and lounge music, making it appealing to a wide range of listeners. After freshly listening to Pixia for the first time, I wasn't too sure who to compare her too. Which is a great thing because she screams unique. Then after listening to the song on repeat I find out soon what feeling she gave on that got stuck in my mind like a loop. To us it screams of influence from Lykke Li to Lana Del Rey, Pixia is definitely an artist to watch in 2022! Listen below to see what we mean.



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