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Mange Schmidt x Gissberg - "Sluta snacka skit"

Introducing Mange Schmidt x Gissberg with the latest single "Sluta snacka skit". The single premieres Swedish platinum selling rapartist'. The second single from Swedish R&S (Rap and Song) duo Schmidt & Gissberg, taken from their upcoming EP - Decennier (Decades).

The duo now travel through time again from the 80s of the first single, Precis När Vi (Just As We), to the 00s with their latest singel Sluta Snacka Skit (Stop Talking S&%t), and the peak of UK Garage sub-genre 2Step. The single to us is a unique single we think. Althought we don't understand the language, we dont need to, because music is a universal language we think. The instrumental is reminiscent to house we think with a dash of modern hip hop as well. Listen below.


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