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Kezz - S2P

Talented artist Kezz is a 9-year Independent Hip Hop/Pop Veteran who has put in the work & grown organically over the years bringing a Variety of Melodic Hip-Hop, Pop & Rap. From Motivational Self Confidence Rap Bangers to Melodic Storytelling Kezz just might become your favorite Singing Rapper. Having moved to many different places over the years, It's Hard for Kezz to call any place "Home" But His 3 Main Cities are Kansas City, MO

Salt Lake City, UT & Bentonville, AR. Kezz's Catalogue consists of over 25+ Solid Songs Mainly Produced with Childhood Best Friend @ProdT0ny. Kezz Writes, Records, Mix's & Master's Just about everything from his Bedroom. Over the years he's amassed over 5 Million+ Streams total on all platforms combined. He has also opened for multiple major artists & independently sold out shows with artist friends that have ranged from 400 - 3000+ people! Kezz whose Legal Name is Dylan Rooks has done a fair share of Ghostwriting over the years but finally received & started taking credit when working with Pop Artist "Ashten Ray". Which landed a few Songwriting Credits & Friendships with the Likes Of Legendary artists Tech N9ne & T-Pain (Songs called "Special" & "Convenient"). Following the release of his newest track "S2P", he projects a thrilling sound that will definitely grasp your attention. Starting with upbeat instrumentation leading onto his bright and intoxicating vocal he captures the song entirely. Explaining the track a bit further it's a Hard Hitting Rap/Hip-Hip Song that brings Fierce Emotion with some solid Melodic Rap Switch-Ups. Based on the idea of Giving Inspiration and Motivation to those who feel like they can relate to having "Something 2 Prove". It tells a great personal story that's Relatable to many and gives that Self Confidence/Get Shit Done kind of feeling! To the vocals and production, this single will certainly have your head bumping. Being just great for a workout or jamming out with friends. Go stream "S2P".


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