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Breazy Daze Introducing His Latest Track "Old Man"

Breazy Daze is an Icelandic singer-songwriter also recognized as Andri Jónsson, who's music blends elements of Contemporary R&B, Hip-Hop, Indie and Pop. Andri first picked up the guitar in 2011 and shortly after started his first band called The Northern Lights, which gained moderate success, sparking his drive to pursue a career in music. Now based in Berlin, Andri is mostly exploring Hip-Hop and R&B styled production, whilst rooted in guitar and emotional, earnest lyrics. Following his second release"Old Man"that he had collaborated with songwriter and producer Ainsley Adam. He introduces us great vocals and very ethereal synths to his production. This track fits the perfect essence of a drive during a breezy beach day and just relaxing while watching the sunset. The whole vibe and feel of the track is truly capturing to the ear, you instantly can enjoy the playful tune this track projects. Explaining the the track further it's about a man growing up in a big world, but throughout the song you feel a sense of safety and protection. With it's lyrics, instrumentation, and production it's surely a track that would want to incite you to listen to more. With his his self-rounded sound and amazing production he has throughout his tracks he's going nowhere but up. Make sure to check out all his music, his tracks are so fun and fully pleasurable.



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