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Benny Seos - "High Hopes"

Introducing Benny Seos today with his latest single "High Hopes".Benny Seos is a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer and instrumentalist who released his first ever Single 'Gone' in the beginning of 2020. Doing whatever feels right makes his music hard to categories even though its heavily Hip-Hop/R&B based. At first we didnt entirely know how we felt about the single on first listen, we were shocked at the personality in the vocals and the mix, but soon we came to love the very saddening vocals. Personally I can relate what is being said within the single. We think anyone who enjoys The Weeknd, and Post Malone would enjoy this big time. While not much else is known about the artist, we enjoy the mystery and can see how this could play out massivly in his favor. We hope to hear more, listen below.


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