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ZZ Ward - "On One"

Introducing ZZ Ward, usually music like this isn't quite on our radar, but the trailblazing alternative rock artist, is back with a bang, and she's embracing her independence with her upcoming album, 'Dirty Shine.' The newest single helps break away from the major label system, ZZ Ward is set to release this cinematic 11-song album on September 8th through her own Dirty Shine Records. Known for her edgy blues-inspired sound, she fearlessly blends hip-hop, pop, R&B, neo-soul, and rock into a unique musical concoction.

The latest single from the album, "On One," comes with a powerful music video featuring artist and filmmaker Jean Deaux. With driving hip-hop grooves and an empowering message inspired by her journey as a new parent, ZZ Ward shows that motherhood has only emboldened her. The music video, part two of a mini-movie series, takes viewers on a thrilling ride through a done-wrong Zombie-Western love story, brought to life with stunning visuals, choreography, and makeup and visual effects by renowned artist Jay Q.

As ZZ Ward continues to explore her creativity, she collaborates with her filmmaker brother Adam Ward to craft ambitious mini-movies for her songs, blurring the lines between music and film. The result is an explosion of high-concept, action-packed cinematic fantasies that complement her genre-bending music.

With 'Dirty Shine,' ZZ Ward enters a new chapter in her career, fearlessly embracing her artistic vision as she navigates life as a new mother and takes charge of her musical journey outside the confines of the major label system. Listen below now.


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