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Zoe Moss With Her Latest Single "The Fantasy"

In 2011, six weeks after moving to New York, Zoë got hit by a cab. For Moss, that was when life truly began. The following years were a blur. Partially due to the concussion. And partially due to Moss’s newfound relationship with the underbelly of New York artistic society. Moss entered an experimental period. Combining the production styles of hip hop and pop music with the melodic and lyrical style of her indie rock roots, Moss found her sound: a blend of Brooklyn warehouse grunge and pop songwriting sensibilities. In 2014, while studying at the Clive Davis Institute at NYU, Moss landed her first major label placement. A folk pop jam called “Sinner”  for Andy Grammer, encapsulating Moss’s wholesome personality and traditional values. Under her own record label, She’s No Good, Zoe is set to release her debut EP, Stories, a collection of seven songs that gives the listener an intimate look into what it’s like as a 20-something musician by day and wandering free spirit by night. The soon-to-be released EP features highlight tracks such as “The Operator,” a protest to how the industry sees female artists and “The Fantasy,” a sensual but edgy pop record with hints of R&B. 

With her latest track "Fantasy" she introduce's a nostalgic feel to the track. It's a very sensual track that anybody would be able to enjoy. Starting the track with luscious vocals and having a edgy pop beat is what completes this track fully. The track explains meeting someone who could be "The Fantasy" but possibly thinking they could be trouble. With her excellent production done throughout the track, The Fantasy she provides through the track shows her passion and emotion of untying this specific person and seeing what could be there true intentions. As she also draws inspiration from a summer listening to Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia Ultra, and a childhood of the Rolling Stones’ albums. With her Stories EP, Moss creates a space for her own artistry and gives you a glimpse of what it means to be a pop artist in New York in 2020.