Zoe Jordan With Electro Pop Single "Good Guy"

Introducing Zoe Jordan with a driving slice of throwback electropop single, ‘Good Guy’ deals with Zoe’s previous tempestuous relationship with an unsupportive and insidious ex. The title itself is a clever twist on what for Zoe is a very difficult past memory, revealing her determination and positivity in stepping forward and seizing the narrative. With pulsating beats and 80s-tinged synths, Zoe forcefully dispels any lingering doubts, literally listing ‘all the reasons why’ she cut off the abusive individual. The single incorporates classic electropop sounds like the pulsing bass and guitars for a great accent flavor. The vocals sound like she was in the studio delivering the vocals with ease. The bridge is one of my favorite parts of the single, connecting the track from beginning to end nicely, fading into a soft area where the singer shows off her vocals. The artist definitely previews her ability to write a great record here. It’s a very pertinent message to her fellow young female friends and fans, and Zoe shapes it perfectly into an upbeat electro-pop record which hooks you time and time again.