ZiPPiR Collective Has Major Potential Coming In Hot With Their Track "Conceited"

ZiPPir Collective is a unit in the underground that has a whole movement behind them, including a men and women's clothing line as well as a website. Even though it seems as if this group is just starting out, their level of talent is unprecedented for how underrated they are. With only 234 subscribers to their youtube channel this group only has room to go up from here. This is no exception to their newest track entitled simply "Conceited".

The whole track is catchy with a bouncy beat in the background, this is a song you get hype to or dance to. The lyrics are easy to memorize which makes this track an excellent in the car song as well. Another wonderful aspect that this track has more versatility in one less than four minute song than many artists have in their whole discography. The song goes from a stereotypical rap song talking about alcohol and bitches to a pop punk/ rock ballad and then back again before it concludes. The "carti baby voice" combined with actual lines that are sung is in complete balance and compliments the range of one of the artist's voice rather than being to his detriment. The next verse is full of fun word play and maintains the same energy that the first artist brought. Then all of a sudden in a surprise twist another artist's verse flows through the listener's ears much differently than the first two. The verse is much slower and sounds sluggish as if the artist is drunk or high and then snakes and twists into a passionate ballad. The chorus is then sung again and the song concludes on a hype mood once again.

In conclusion, these artists are ones to look out for. The imagery that they are able to establish as well as simple stage presence exudes confidence and charisma. The flows and switch ups are also very admirable and ones to watch. Each artist in this song has their own unique sound which is also very impressive. Jay Wills ENT did a fantastic job on the visuals for the video as well. All in all a very solid track indeed.