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Zemora Amour & Nxm Notes Stuns With "Your Way"

After years writing for the collective 4CHMBRS, Zemora Amour is ready to step into the limelight. Staying true to the very essence of R&B, Zemora Amour gives listeners a lovely blend of UK R&B and Soul. With her first release 'Your Way' produced by Nxm Notes, Zemora Amour expresses concerns in her relationships, demanding change for her peers. London inger Zemora Amour is a new artist on our radar and a definite star of the future. When it comes down to an artist having their visuals down, music, lyrics, it's truly hard to find. Zemora Amour simply does it all with collaboration help from Nxm Notes. Her voice is something else, being so full and she's just only teasing with her register, with her lovely high notes and golden chest voice that reminds you of the likes of Whitney Houston. Listen below!




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