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Zank - "I Think It's Starting to Rain"

Introducing Zank with their latest instrumental hip-hop track, "I Think It's Starting to Rain." This is a piece that really resonates with those looking for a blend of study beats, jazz-hop, and chill-hop. A very chill track and something that will knock your socks off we think, it's the perfect track to relax to and light a candle to at night we think here for sure. It's a track that doesn't just play music, it crafts an atmosphere. Think of it as your go-to tune for unwinding after a long day or diving deep into focused work. Zank's mastery in creating a mood is evident here. The track embodies a unique blend of sadness and chill vibes, perfect for introspection or just enjoying a calm evening. It's like a musical hug for your soul. The piano-focused beat is a standout element, echoing the works of artists like DI3GO, and HIGHFIVE LOFI. It's the kind of smooth lofi that wouldn't be out of place in an Adult Swim commercial, soothing, yet expressive. Listen now.


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