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Zackarias - "Time To Move On"

Introducing Zackarias - a Swedish music producer based in Berlin. His love of sound started at 14 when he discovered beat-making through the iPad app KORG Gadget, since then the passion has only grown. Today he has released 5 EPs and many more singles, adding up to over one million streams. Zackarias aims to capture a specific mood with his music, often this is a warm, dreamy and carefree feeling combined with bouncy drums and catchy melodies. The recent single "Time To Move On" starts off with what feels like a luscious, close and personal ambient guitar which then repeats to give us a bit of a portrait of the moodiness of the single this time. The drums come in for more space before the vocals have time to catch on here. What is reminiscent to PinkPantheress on the instrumental side makes up for a great UK, grime inspired single this time. The vocals start coming in giving us some more ambience. Listen below.


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