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Zack Gross - "IDRK"

Introducing Zack Gross with "IDRK". It's a mostly instrumental piece that's all about embracing life's uncertainties with an upbeat attitude we think.

"IDRK" stands out as a unique fusion of genres blended into one, with elements of bedroom pop, lo-fi, and alternative pop woven together to create something that makes you feel good. Zack Gross's early start in music was taking piano lessons at the age of five and then quickly moving on to composition.

The single is simply full of color right from the start with its bouncy synths and reverb in the track that makes you feel like you're flying into a different plane, We think if you enjoy to listen to Lauv, MELVV, Keller Williams, Jack Antonoff especially, then you'll find something to love in "IDRK." Listen below now.


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