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Yvan Poisson - "Ease"

Yvan Poisson, an enigmatic figure in the world of instrumental hip-hop, has just dropped a mysterious gem titled "Ease." With its raw, unadorned nature, this track speaks volumes through its simplicity. While not much is known about the artist or the single itself, "Ease" resonates with a unique blend of emotions, offering listeners a haunting and contemplative experience.

The track's instrumental composition is sparse yet deeply evocative. "Ease" takes on a jazzy and minimalistic tone, with no lyrics to distract from the pure musical expression. The absence of words allows the listener to immerse themselves fully in the soundscape.

The mood conveyed by "Ease" is nothing short of profound. It evokes a sense of melancholy, darkness, and introspection. The warm, slow beats envelop the listener, creating an almost therapeutic ambiance. This is a track that invites you to let your mind wander, to explore the depths of your emotions, and to find solace in its simplicity. Yvan Poisson's "Ease" is a musical journey that proves how less can indeed be more, and it's a hidden gem in the realm of instrumental hip-hop, ready to take you on a sonic exploration of the soul. Listen below.


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