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Yuphoric - "Almighty Goyde"

In a world where music has the power to connect people from all walks of life, Yuphoric stands as a shining example of the unifying force of sound. This musical band, composed of three individuals hailing from three different continents, was brought together by their shared love for music. With a candid and expressive approach to their craft, Yuphoric creates a unique blend of genres, resulting in a sound that is both soulful and groovy. Sedric Perry, one-third of Yuphoric, traces his soulful sound back to his roots in Philadelphia. Having lived in New York City and now residing in Berlin, Perry has expertly incorporated the essence of these vibrant cities into his music. As one-half of FHAT Music, he consistently provides innovative and unapologetic soundscapes. Being a queer artist, Perry finds it crucial to convey messages of love and self-acceptance through his work, and his talent has been recognized by notable publications such as Complex, Gay Times, Earmilk, and High Snobiety. Yuval Gantz, another integral member of Yuphoric, brings his skills as a guitar player, composer, and producer to the table. Hailing from Tel Aviv, Gantz has embarked on a musical journey that draws inspiration from R&B, Hip Hop, and Jazz, resulting in a fresh and captivating sound. After immersing himself in the beat-making scene and touring with his project Alaska Snack Time, he made the move to Berlin. There, he actively participates in the local art scene, collaborating with various artists as a session musician and songwriter.

Completing the trifecta is Phøn, also known as Ron Warburg, a multi-instrumentalist, producer, audio engineer, and mixer based in New York. In addition to his work as a composer and producer, Phøn has shared the stage as a trumpet player with multiple Grammy award winners and has contributed to the renowned Avatar Studios. His diverse musical background and expertise contribute to the rich and dynamic sound of Yuphoric.

Combining their energies from Berlin, New York, and Tel Aviv, Sedric, Yuval, and Phøn create a musical experience that is both deeply emotional and incredibly groovy. Their latest single, "Almighty Goyde," serves as a testament to their genre-blending approach and their commitment to pushing boundaries. Throughout their musical journey, they have collaborated with an array of artists, including Sedric Perry, Noah Slee, K.Zia, Mike Nasa, MERON, and many more, further expanding the scope of their creative endeavors.

"Almighty Goyde" takes listeners on a nostalgic journey, transporting them back to Yuphoric's formative years while showcasing their unwavering dedication to experimentation and collaboration. By infusing their passion for legendary beat-makers and jazz masters into the track, the duo adds a contemporary twist to their signature sound. It's a testament to their musical influences and the energy they derived from those formative years, all combined with a modern touch. Yuphoric's debut album, "The New Normal," encapsulates their commitment to musical fusion and experimentation. The album traverses a diverse range of genres and soundscapes, from face-melting drums to cinematic instrumentals. Featuring a plethora of collaborators, each bringing their unique influences to the table, the album offers a wide spectrum of styles that reflect the band's commitment to breaking musical boundaries. Yuphoric's music is a testament to the power of collaboration, cross-cultural influences, and the universal language of music. By embracing their diverse backgrounds and uniting them through their shared love of sound, Yuphoric has carved out a distinct place for themselves in the music industry. Their ability to seamlessly blend genres and create captivating compositions sets them apart as true musical innovators. As Yuphoric continues to push the boundaries of their craft, we can expect to be taken on a sonic journey that transcends geographical borders and brings people together through the magic of music. With their candid and expressive approach, Yuphoric reminds us that music has the power to break down barriers, ignite emotions, and create a sense of unity in a world that sometimes feels divided. Keep an eye on this talented musical band as they shape the future of music, one genre-bending track at a time.


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