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Yung Pilot - Selfish

Upcoming artist Yung Pilot is an amazing act that has recently stumbled upon our page with the release of his newest single "Selfish". He presents a vibrant sound that will definitely grasp your ears. Starting with upbeat instrumentation leading onto his smooth and catchy vocals he completes the song entirely. Explaining the track a bit further it's for the lovers that feel love-less and for the love-less wanting to be with lovers. It’s the roaring emphatic anthem for all of the complicated relationships out there. Yung Pilot describes actually being the problem in the relationship rather than rapping a ballad of being at the receiving end of what can be known as selfishness. It’s a song full of the pain of knowing that you are the reason that love is lost in the wind between yourself and the other person, but somehow still wanting to be with them. Being selfish and selfless is at war in this song. To the vocals and production, this single will surely have your head bumping. Being just perfect for a late-night drive or hanging with some friends. Go stream "Selfish".


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