• ana

Young Empress With Their Nostalgic Track "Eyes Closed"

Introducing an amazing duo known as Young Empress being inspired by movie soundtracks and 80s nostalgia, this passion project has been a long time coming. Fresh out of the box but with an affinity that has traversed a variety of guises and pseudonyms, songwriting duo Rebecca Davies and Robin Davies have spent over a decade gigging at some of the UK’s best venues and festivals, including The Great Escape, Birmingham Pride, Camden Assembly, The Joiners, Birmingham Institute, The Cavern Cluband more. Taking inspiration from acts like The Midnight, Tears For Fears, Fleetwood Mac, Eurhythmics, M83, Electric Youth, Giorgio Moroder and iconic movie soundtracks that they both grew up listening to (such as The Lost Boys and The Goonies), their love of film and television has helped them shape a sound that transports listeners straight from their 9-5 and onto the set of Stranger Things. Following the release of their newest single "Eyes Closed" they project a very nostalgic track that will certainly capture your attention. Starting with dreamy instrumentation leading onto Rebecca's sweet and soft vocals they complete the track fully. Explaining the single further it radiates War of the Worlds vibes, Inspired by 80s American teen drama ‘Dead Poets Society’ - Young Empress transcends into a world full of the hopes and dreams of a troubled soul. This track follows the beloved narrative of Neil Perry, as he explores new realms of self-expression and individuality, at the expense of his parent's expectations. It creates a sense of innocence approaching a moment of temptation, uncertainty, and consequence. To the vocals and production, this track will surely present a very calming vibe, with the right environment you'll feel like your floating while listening. It would be just right for a late night drive or just alone within your thoughts. Go stream "Eyes Closed" and check out their discography which is filled with lovely tracks.