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Yasmina - "don't deserve this"

Introducing Yasmina today with her latest single "don't deserve this". YASMINA is a seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter from New York. From singing on stage, to dance lessons, to clarinet lessons... Music has always been apart of her life. Her style mixes influence from neo-soul, funk, classic R&B, and pop. Growing up on artists like Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey, music has always been apart of YASMINA’s sixteen years of life. She will never forget the first time her mom played “The Girl Is Mine” by Michael Jackson for her. She instantly fell in love and forced her mom to play it every road trip so she could learn the words. We're just absolutely in love like no other, we love the vocals, the instrumental choice, and her look. It's an absolutele hit and you only hope she works and capitalises on everything she has on the table and become the queen of funk, as that chair is widely open we think. It's only up to Yasmina if she wants to take it. This type of raw talent is rare to find. Listen below for yourself.


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