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Xenura - "Short of Breath"

Welcoming Xenura with their intriguing instrumental track "Short of Breath," a vivid exploration in the realm of Experimental Electronic and Breakbeat. If you're a fan of artists like Sasha, Xenura's work will definitely pique your interest. Hailing from South Australia, Xenura is not just an electronic music producer but also an adept audio engineer, known for blending a wide array of genres and styles to create an eclectic musical experience. "Short of Breath" is an experimental journey that seems to transcend conventional boundaries of electronic music. The track's spontaneous feel suggests that the producer prioritizes feeling and intuition over meticulous planning we personally think, which is a good thing. This approach results in a raw, unfiltered expression of creativity that's both refreshing and thought-provoking. The use of synth arpeggios in the single really just adds a dynamic and compelling layer to the track. These arpeggios weave through the composition, creating a sense of movement and complexity. The inclusion of drone sounds brings an intriguing depth to the piece, reminiscent of the atmospheric tones in the movie "Oppenheimer." Listen to see what we mean for yourself now.


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