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X.ile - "All I"

Introducing X.ile, New York City's Xavier Maymi is quickly establishing himself as one of the most promising artists in the region. Starting at the age of 14 as a dance music artist, the four years that have passed since have fostered an unparalleled artistry within the X.ILE sound. Be it a movie he's seen, a book he's read, or a city he's traveled to, everything is inspiration for Xavier. The newest single "All I" is an amazing soft pop single that felt very much so inspired Partynextdoor in the writing, and vocally Majid, from the duo Majid Jordan. The singer does a great job with the beat choice to further catch the listeners ear and bring them into a new enviorment. The writing here is stuperb and emotional, being so emoionally invested that you are all in, in a sense. The lyrics are heartfelt, the instrumental is amazing. Listen below.


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